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History of Char Dham Pilgrimages

Char Dham are the pilgrimage places in India that are worldwide revered among the Hindus. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri are the famous pilgrimages which are worldwide known as Char Dham. Char Dham tour is the world's best pilgrimage tour as this is the perfect combination of divinity, nature, and mountains.

Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri all these places are unique in their own way and have great value among the Hindu pilgrims as these have religious importance. Char Dham destinations have many tales about it is great history which add great historical values to these places. These places define the unending saga of Uttarakhand and incredible India. Char Dham are the most revered sites and every Hindu is required to visit them at least once in a lifetime.



Char Dham History

Char Dham comprises the four pilgrimage sites of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri which are revered and most visited places in Uttarakhand. Each place has its own history which makes them revered and popular among the pilgrims of India and foreign countries. History of Char Dham Yatra lies in the history of four destinations known as Char Dham.

History of Badrinath - 'There are several sacred shrines in world but it is believed that there is no shrine in world like Badrinath and it is being taken as the most sacred and visited shrine in world', it is said in Skanda Purana.

According to Vamana Purana the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu performed Penances here in Badrinath. Badrinath also has connections with many scholars like Ramanujacharya, Madhawacharya who visited the place and wrote very sacred and popular texts. Badrinath also has strong connections with Vedic age and was highly revered in that era also. Badrinath has great history and great religious significance which make it most revered and visited site for Indians and foreigners as well.

History of Kedarnath - The name of this sacred place is after the name of King Kedar who ruled here. Kedar was the father of Vrinda who according to the anecdotes worshiped for sixty thousand years here and in the honor of his father this place got the name Kedarnath.

It is said that Bhim had a fight with Lord Shiva and hurt him. Feeling guilty of hurting Lord, Bhim had a body massage with Ghee and now it has become a ritual and now people apply Ghee at Jyotirlinga Shivlinga here. Kedarnath has a temple of Mahabharat time which is the oldest one and is very revered among the pilgrims.

History of Gangotri - Gangotri has a great historical value as this is the first place where life giver River Ganga touches the earth. Gangotri is the most sacred place for Hindus as this is the origin of Ganga River on earth. It is believed that Goddess Ganga, daughter of Paradise brought herself to earth in the form of a river to take away the sins of King Bhagirath's predecessors. Gangotri has so many sagas that these seem endless and draw tourists from all over the world.

History of Yamunotri - Like Gangotri, Yamunotri also has great history and is the origin of Yamuna River. This fact makes this place very revered among the Hindus across the world. It is said that a muni (sage) named Asit Muni had his hermitage at this place and bathed here in both Ganga and Yamuna Rivers. It is said that a stream of Ganga appeared here just opposite to Yamunotri for him as he was unable to go to Gangotri due to his old age. Yamuna is the daughter of God Sun and she took birth at Champasar Glacier below the Banarpoonch Mountain. There is a mountain adjacent to river source dedicated to her father and is called Kalinda Parvat.

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