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Travel Tips

A tourist must have all the necessary information about a place where he or she is going to visit, such as air, road and rail route, hotels and resorts to stay, medical assistance in case of emergency, important helpline numbers and the type of food available in the area. And if you are a foreigner, travel tips are more important for you, because in a foreign country where you don't have friends and relatives, you have to deal with every situation at your own perspicacity. Since you are a foreigner, everybody in that place is a stranger for you. If you are ill, you will have to arrange for medical assistance for yourself. If you have run out of money, nobody may help you financially. If you don't know local language you must have to take services of an interpreter or a tourist guide. For information about a tourist place you should have required literature or travel guides etc. All in all, there is a long list of travel tips for tourists that must be followed.

Here are some most important tips for tourist that one should take care while visiting a foreign place.

Currency Exchange
As soon as you land on a foreign country you will need local currency to buy or to get services and things. So, first of all exchange your currency, Foreign exchange centers are found near all the Indian airports, railway stations and bus terminuses. However, it is advisable that you should compare exchange rate with a few vendors so that you may get good value for your money.

Indian Embassies
Before leaving for any tourist place of India, you should visit Indian embassies located in most of the countries. These embassies issue not only visas but also provide all the important information about Indian tourism.

Foreign Travel Tax at Airports
All the foreigners have to pay foreign travel tax on arrival to India. This foreign tax differs from country to county.

Health Safety
As you are new to the climate of India, your body may not be adaptable to Indian atmosphere and you may get infected with some disease. So, before leaving for India consult a doctor and get yourself vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Measles and Japanese Encephalitis etc.

Travel Insurance
While traveling to a tourist place, any miss- happening may occur. You may lose your luggage, or you may meet some accident etc. To deal with such accidents travel insurance is an integral part of travel tips for tourists. There are several insurance companies in India that offer travel insurance.

Travel Books
Last but not the least a travel guide can be your best companion while traveling in a foreign country. With the help of travel books, you can get information not only about all the tourist destinations of India, but you will have all the necessary information related to the place, such as where to stay, markets for shopping and the popular restaurants where you can binge on famous cuisines.

These are some basic and most important tourist tips that can make your foreign trip a happy and an unforgettable experience.

In case of any serious medical emergency, call 108 (The Mobile emergency service from Government of Uttarakhand).
Don't make fake calls, as it is punishable offence.

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